Never Turn Your Back on the Tide (Or, How I Married a Lying Psychopathic Wannabe-Murderer and Kinda Lived to Tell). A Memoir.

“If truth be told, and it always should, I was taken in by the view, as so many others, both before and since.

For me, it wasn’t the sea which proved my downfall, but a pair of eyes.  Eyes, specifically, made to drown in.”

Imagine thinking you had the ideal life.  The perfect partner, on whom you relied and trusted.  An infant child, newly adopted.  You’d given up your job, to take care of your child, to ensure that he had a terrific life.

Then one day, you wake up, and instead of the life you’ve been living, you spot an email, not intended for you, with this text, blinking at you from your computer screen:  “How are the wedding plans coming?” “Great. He is SO good with my son.”

Suddenly, the life you’ve led is turned upside down.  Everything thought true becomes suspect.  And you learn, quite quickly, that you can never again trust the person sleeping beside you.

If Kergan Edwards-Stout’s life was a Lifetime movie, surely he would be played by Valerie Bertinelli, and his husband played by some charming hunk. But life is far more subtle than that.  And even now, the truth is murkier, and even more disturbing.  For Kergan, that email proved to be only the beginning.

Like the wash of the waves, crashing onto the beach, you never know if the tumult will bring glittering riches, highlighted by the sun, or dark, murky residue of questionable origin.

Never Turn Your Back on the Tide (Or, How I Married a Lying Psychopathic Wannabe-Murderer and Kinda Lived to Tell) by Kergan Edwards-Stout.  A Memoir.  Coming Soon.

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  2. ChinaBlue

    Is there a proposed date for publication of this book? I have been looking forward to this ever since reading your outstanding “Songs for the New Depression”.

    October 2, 2012 at 11:43 am

    • Hi there! Thanks so much for the note, and I’m glad you liked SONGS! I’m working on the memoir, but have a new book coming out next month, entitled GIFTS NOT YET GIVEN. It’s a collection of short stories, themed to holidays, and I hope you like it.

      The memoir is a very tricky thing to write, but I hope to have it done next year.

      Thanks again for the nice note!

      October 2, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    • Hi ChinaBlue! Happy to report that the first draft of my memoir is complete! It is out for notes right now. I’m hoping to get this to publishers shortly. Thank you!

      April 22, 2019 at 3:31 pm

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