Gifts Not Yet Given

Gifts Not Yet GivenGifts Not Yet Given is a warm and nuanced collection of short stories, each set around a holiday, illuminating the small, surprising, and pivotal moments in which personal awakenings occur and hearts unexpectedly expand. It was recently named by the nationally syndicated column The Bookworm Sez as a “perfect book to give everyone.” In Gifts Not Yet Given, written by award-winning author Kergan Edwards, dreams are realized, hope is found, memories are made, and life is treasured.

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Praise for Gifts Not Yet Given
Gifts Not Given is a wonderful collection of stories from Kergan Edwards-Stout in which each story centers around a holiday. The stories are complex, surprising, touching and written with compassion and humanity, two qualities sadly lacking in so much contemporary fiction. I highly recommend Gifts Not Given and thank the author for this gift he has given us.” Michael Nava, winner of six Lambda Literary Awards as well as the Bill Whitehead Literary Award for Career Achievement

“The stories in Gifts Not Yet Given are vital, essential and remind us that much of human life is gained or lost through family. Edwards-Stout shines a light on contemporary life with skill and wit. A dynamic and engaging read.” – Trebor Healey, two-time Ferro-Grumley Fiction Award winner, A Horse Named Sorrow and Through It Came Bright Colors

“Kergan Edwards-Stout’s stories are muscular, funny, sad and an antidote to holiday treacle, no matter the holiday. His writing is fueled by an original mix of compassion and rage. Several of the stories left me in tears, which certainly beats being left in tears by my own family at holiday time. Which means: he understands family, and the often crossed wires of family love. You will want to give his book as a gift.” – Richard Kramer, novelist, These Things Happen

“In 14 stories, Edwards-Stout assumes an impressive range of voices… This willingness to step inside the minds of such disparate, often nonmainstream characters hints at Edwards-Stout’s confidence as a writer and his broad life experiences. Edwards-Stout’s stories are original and important… Provocative stories with a clear, vital message.” Kirkus Reviews

“Author Kergan Edwards-Stout follows up his engrossing debut novel, Songs for the New Depression, which examines thirty years in the life of an AIDS-stricken California man, with the equally profound, Gifts Not Yet Given, a short story collection of compelling characters and circumstances ranging from the mundane to the maladjusted… With a holiday or special occasion as the backdrop for each entry, emotions run especially high throughout and the behavior of the represented individuals is contrary to the everyday… Although select stories are arguably too brief, all never fail to pack an emotional punch, and the collection, as a whole, is chock full of joyous albeit occasionally awkward instances and imagery (divorce, a sacred family recipe, an Easter bunny outfit) that are relatable, or at least familiar to everyone. With the holiday season approaching, Gifts Not Yet Given reminds readers, however flawed, to accept, appreciate and when warranted, forgive our families and friends.” Christopher Verleger, Edge on the Net

Gifts is a stunning compilation from a smart and skilled author.” Dana Miller, Frontiers Los Angeles

“Kergan Edwards-Stout impressed me greatly with his first book, Songs for the New Depression, and he gave himself quite a task for measuring his work that was yet to come. I am glad to say that this book not only lives up to my expectations, it surpasses them.” – Amos Lassen

“Check this one out — the stories are original and intriguing, and the characters are strong and flawed, loving and broken.” – Alfred Lives Here (Top 5 Books of 2013)

“Edwards-Stout writes beautifully, and the stories are charming and uplifting.” Queer Books with Julie (Top Books of 2013)

“Kergan Edwards-Stout’s new book, a collection of thematic short stories, is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get. And that is delicious. The short story form is a delicate blend of trenchant dialogue, brisk character sketches and local color, and here they are all totally satisfying. What I love about short stories is that I always want a bit more, a tidier resolution, and I am a sucker for a happy ending. Mr. Edwards-Stout has mastered this form, titillating, plucking the heart strings and most often causing a smile of recognition. Some stories already portend a lengthier treatment, a novella perhaps. He touches our common humanity and amazes with his insight. The little collection is a Gift Already Given: a gift of delight and sweet humanity.” – Robert Michael Morris, actor – The Comeback, Running Wilde, and author – An American Scrapbook