Wish Me On My Way

HAROLD:  First, may I say, what an honor it is to meet you, Mr. Standard.  I am a big fan.

ROBERT:  Well, thank you.

HAROLD:  Your production of “Company”?  Stunning.  Who knew Morgan Brittany could sing???

RACHEL:  She can’t.

HAROLD:  And your “Mame” with Delta Burke–Sheer genius!

Facing his 40’s as a single gay man, regional theater director Robert Standard is stalled, personally and professionally. Though smart, attractive, and charming, whenever emotionally challenged, Robert retreats into his head, preferring the bright sheen of musical fantasy to the darker elements of real life.

Though he spends his days surrounded by loving friends, including acerbic Rachel and fun-loving Meeka, Robert still feels that something is missing from his life.

The unexpected return of an old flame, Trey, catches Robert off guard, causing him to reexamine his feelings for Trey and the actions that lead to their breakup. At the same time, confusing matters, Robert encounters new love in the form of Cirque performer Ivar. These two very different people lead Robert to examine the choices he has made and how they have affected his life and being.

While attempting to navigate these relationships, Robert discovers that Trey is ill and has returned home to die. Devastated, Robert learns he can no longer retreat into his head. In order to live a more rich, full and true existence, he will have to face his insecurities and overcome his fears.

Only by emotionally participating in life will Robert ever escape from the world of musical fantasy in his head, enabling him to truly and fully “sing.”


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