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My High School Bully

I’ve written about my high school bully before, and the responses I got were very touching and supportive.  So many of us were greatly affected by being bullied, for better or worse, which makes it imperative we continue to highlight the issue.  I’m happy to note that a new collection, entitled “Letters to My Bully,” to which I was honored to have been asked to write the preface, will be released this month.  I’ve also taken this opportunity to finally put my words on film, and created this video (below) about my own experience.

But I want to hear from you: What was your experience like growing up?  Were you bullied?  How did you survive?  What advice do you have for others?

How can we teach others that even words can leave scars?  That old “sticks and stones” poem had it all wrong…  Words can harm.