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Discussion Topic? ME!

Hi everyone! Given all that has gone on recently with my novel Songs for the New Depression, now seemed an optimal time to start a discussion group on Goodreads where folks could ask me any and everything about my book (and future books), writing, activism and life. Please consider joining in and chime in with your comments, questions, and opinions!

Also, the Goodreads Giveaway of the novel ends soon, August 15th, so don’t forget to enter!

New Beginnings

As my book launches out into the great unknown, I contemplate the affect it will have on those who read it, as well as the corresponding effect on my life.

I’m grateful that a project that has gestated for as long as this one is finally out among the masses, and am hopeful that it has the desired impact.  I want people to connect emotionally with the characters and, regardless of sexual orientation, see that our journeys are essentially the same.  I also hope that I get to use my talents more often.  But will it ultimately be “life changing”?

While that big picture answer will remain unknown for some time, internally, the simple act of “putting it out there” has already proven life changing. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is a huge risk, and yet the pay off can be substantial.

When I first met Shane Michael Sawick, I could’ve never foreseen the affect he and my experience with him would have on my life.  There can be no doubt that, in the moment that I agreed to a single date, my life was forever altered.  The little choices we make are just as important as the big ones, as they eventually impact our lives, altering our canvas.

As I was completing this post tonight, I got an email from a dear friend, whom I greatly admire.  His favorite novel is James Joyce’s “Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man”, and he wrote to tell me that he devoured my novel in one sitting, noting that my book “reminded (him) very much of Joyce, with more humor, and in (his) opinion is easily that quality.”

We never know what impact our work or choices will have on others.

What do you want your canvas to look like?  What impact do you want to have?  When faced with options, do you take the familiar route, or venture outside your comfort zone?

Take the risk.  Embrace new beginnings.  It is the only way forward…

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