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I am a Freak.

Until just a few years ago, I felt as if I were an alien being, alone in the vast sea of humanity.  Wherever I went, I felt this “otherness”, and it wasn’t an easy cloak to wear.

I felt alone, even in a large group of people.  It seemed that I didn’t laugh as easily as others, or at the same things.  I had a different perspective on almost everything, and rarely met anyone with whom I fully connected or felt at ease.  I would try my best to fit in, but it never felt genuine.

Why, I wondered, wasn’t I like everyone else?

When I was very young, I attributed this other-worldly state to being gay, but as I quickly discovered, I was just as out of place in the gay community as in the world at large.  And being the odd man out is a lonely mantle to carry, at best. (more…)