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What If They Threw a “Worldwide LGBT Equality March” and Nobody Came?

Perhaps you’ve already heard about the “2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March”, slated for Saturday April 21, and are eagerly making plans to attend. Odds are, though, that you haven’t.  I consider myself to be fairly well-informed on all things LGBT, but I hadn’t heard of this particular march either, until I received an email from the head organizer, offering to engage me in its planning.  As flattering as his offer was, I also found it a bit perplexing, for while I may think of myself quite highly at times, chances are that most of you reading this have no clue as to who I am.  Which begs the question, “Why reach out to me, a little-known author, when the sea has much bigger fish?”

I politely declined, due to time conflicts, but have continued to follow the group on facebook.  Indeed, the idea for this event sprung from their Let’s Reach 1 Million People Campaign, which has (of this writing) 16,624 members.  The stated objective of the group is that it has been “created for the achievement of basic human rights, inclusive of full legal civil rights allowing freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations while allowing and ensuring one’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression.”

While there is much to admire in their broader goal, as I began to dig more deeply to find answers to my questions, I discovered only more questions.  For example, the event is being billed as a “Civil Rights March,” but that turns out to be a bit of a misnomer.  Likely, when you hear the word “march,” visions of a long parade come to mind, filling the street for miles.  And while there may be some of that, there is no “one” march.  Instead, there are currently 25 host cities, and each can plan whatever type of event they desire.  While some may indeed choose to observe the moment by marching with flags and banners, others may celebrate with a picnic.  In Great Britain, as the date falls on the Queen’s birthday, the group has mandated a news blackout (out of respect or some such) and are not publicizing their activities.  Now, I ain’t that bright, but I’m uncertain how effective an event can be if you don’t alert people as to where it is and what it entails.  (Perhaps they’re demanding equality while sipping tea and eating crumpets?) (more…)