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Bin Laden Lately?

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was at a charming bed & breakfast in Vermont, learning how to be an innkeeper.  Odd, I know, as that particular occupation had never been part of some long-held vision for myself, but was, rather, a more recent detour.  My then-partner and I had what I’d thought to be the ideal relationship, and had recently adopted a newborn infant son, just the year before.  And while we’d always talked of the possibility of moving to New England, suddenly, with reasons of which I was not yet aware, it became a priority to him, and owning an inn didn’t seem like such a bad way to do it.

But as I sat shock-still in front of the TV with my fellow classmates, watching in horror as the second plane hit, I had no idea that the towers were not the only structures in my world that were crumbling.

I tried repeatedly to get in touch with my partner and our son on the West coast, but got no answer.

How is it possible, I wondered, that they would not be home so early in the morning?  Where could he possibly have taken Mason?

All I knew during those first few frightful hours is that I wanted to be — had to be — home with my family.  That was all that mattered.  Family came first. (more…)