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Embracing Life Beyond 50: Begin with “Yes”

Paul BoyntonHow best to move forward through life is one of the questions author, life coach, and non-profit CEO Paul Boynton asks and attempts to answer on a daily basis.  As author of the inspirational Begin With Yes and the host of both its accompanying Facebook page as well as the Facebook page Being Gay, Becoming Gray, he helps others take big issues and distill them into manageable bites.  Unique to his beliefs is that while having a positive attitude is helpful in creating change, it isn’t an absolute necessity.

Boynton recently took the time to share with me more about his thoughts on initiating change, as well as on being gay, aging, and other aspects of negotiating life.

Kergan Edwards-Stout:  Paul, I’ve been looking forward to our chat!  Before we get into your book and Facebook pages, tell me a bit about your backstory…

Paul Boynton:  Well, my story is very similar to that of many other gay men of my era.  I was married for many years to a wonderful woman, with whom I had three amazing children—and now four grandchildren.  As I grew older, however, I realized that I needed to deal with myself in a more authentic and honest way.  Consequently, my wife Susan and I eventually separated almost 15 years ago.  Happily, we were able to maintain and even expand the best part of our relationship as dear friends and parents, and she and my partner Michael had a wonderful friendship too.  Sadly, she passed away 3 years ago.    

Edwards-Stout:  What led you to marry Susan? (more…)