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Where to Get Great Soul Food

For me, I am all about the rich and nuanced experience. Whether it be food, wine, writing, or conversation, the richer it is, the better. Cookie-cutter, big box chains drive me crazy. I’d much rather discover some unique and offbeat place, where I can linger for hours, senses fully enveloped.

After a visit to Feeding Andrew, I find myself having experienced the best, and fully nourished. No, it’s not some cool new restaurant, although it could be one day, but — rather — it is the blog of my longtime friend Don Wilson.

Don unexpectedly became both an accidental and purposeful father, and his tale of parenting is inspirational, to say the least.  Fully worth the read, his posts revolve around his relationship with his son, Andrew, as they forge a new family and life together.  He has a great writing style, is smart and insightful, and — better yet — each post is accompanied by a wonderful recipe.  (Just look at those pop tarts!)

So whether you’re looking for true “soul” food, or merely good food, at Feeding Andrew, you’ll find both, and never walk away hungry.  Check it out and share with your friends today!