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Scandalous! Revolting! My CONFESSIONS!

Last night a friend sent out an email to a group of writers called “CONFESSIONS,” which listed 10 of his confessions, which were fun and random facts other might not know, and asked the rest of us to do the same. One of his confessions was that he knew who shot JR, as he watched Dallas during its first run. Here is what I wrote:

1. Not only do I remember watching that episode of Dallas, but I was such a Dynasty fanatic that I would lock myself in my dorm room and roll up a towel against the door to block out the light, so no one would interrupt.
2. In junior high, my “girlfriend” — who shall remain nameless —  forced me to put my hands on her breasts. I never went there again.
3. Also that year, I starred in a musical version of “Little Women”, playing Laurie Lawrence. I had a great angry scene where Amy (I think) would ask, “But where are you going?” and each night, louder and louder, I would shout as I stormed offstage, “To the Devil!” My finest acting achievement.
4. My co-star in that was Anne Runolfsson, who went on to be a semi-Broadway star. I’m sure she’s left that off her resume.
5. I went to see an out of town run of “Victor/Victoria” while visiting Minneapolis, only to find that Anne was understudying Julie Andrews (about 30 years our senior.) I sent Anne a lovely note, and am still waiting to hear back.
6. I feel like I’m on number 10 already.
7. I am semi-famous, in certain circles, for a condom ad I did in the late 80’s. Yes, I was fully clothed (Thank god.)
8. I am not famous for a commercial I did for Honda. In it, I was the brown haired son. My dad was a blonde gay man, 10 years older than me. My sister had red curly hair. And the woman who played my mom had a root canal the day prior, was all swollen, so gay dad called a friend to come in and play the part, and she was Hispanic.
9. I have identity issues.
10. If you want any more confessions from me, I either get to see you naked, or give me five bucks. Or a piece of gum.

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