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To the Reader Who Saved My Life…

Dear Bob,

As we enter this new year, full of promise and possibility, I realized that I could not in all fairness properly close out the old without first repaying a major debt.  One that I owe to you, dear reader, for quite literally saving my life.

To begin, I have no idea when we first connected, or how you stumbled upon my novel…  Maybe it was the cover, peaking coyly at you from a stack in a bookshop.  Perhaps you saw one of the online advertisements, or heard about it from a friend, or read one of the “illuminating” promotional interviews with yours truly.  Whichever the route, you likely had no idea, when you reached for the book, that the very act of reading it could so profoundly affect me, and all for the better.  How could you know, after all, that while I’d long envisioned a life for myself as a writer, until you contacted me, I’d begun to consider stopping altogether? (more…)

Thank You to My Readers!

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all who’ve taken the time to read either my articles on Huffington Post, LGBTQ Nation, and Bilerico Project, or my novel, Songs for the New Depression.  Since the book’s release just over a year ago, I’ve met many wonderful people, including one terrific man who’s read my novel four times and came to the West Hollywood Book Fair, just so we could meet.  I’m humbled that anything I’ve written could so impact another, and cherish the inherent responsibility which accompanies it.

From beginning to end, my novel took 12 years to write and publish, and it is gratifying to have people discover it.  Conversely, my “Please De-Friend Me” article was written early one morning, in less than an hour, when I couldn’t sleep, and at this writing has over 124,000 facebook likes!  The power of social media is simply staggering…

In the past months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting readers at the West Hollywood Book Fair, Homo-Centric, and Palm Springs Pride, and these interactions have touched me deeply.  I value “connection”, and believe that our common humanity has the power to enlighten us and lift up our souls.

I’ve been working on a new book, a collection of short stories called Gifts Not Yet Given, which will be published next year, and as we head toward the holiday season, I can’t think of any better gift for an author than the responses of readers.  Your feedback and support mean more than you’ll ever know, so please keep it coming!

Thank you,



One of the unexpected but utterly pleasing discoveries on  my journey as a writer has been in connecting with other authors on similar paths.  Coming from the world of entertainment, where competition — though masked with a smile — is vicious and shoot-to-kill, I’ve been surprised and heartened to see just how much some authors support and lift each other up, and do so on a continual basis.  One such author is Gregory G. Allen, whose novel Well With My Soul was a finalist in The USA “Best Books 2011” Awards and is also on the 2011 Indie Lit Awards shortlist.  Despite the fact that our books are “competing” against each other for the Indie Lit Award, I’ve found Greg to be incredibly generous with his time and support.  For Greg, it is not about competition, but inspiring readers and in helping to make this world a better place.  He does that through both his work and his life, and I am honored that he agreed to be my first Author Spotlight!

Q & A: Gregory G. Allen

Your novel Well With My Soul is a tale of two brothers struggling to find themselves, juxtaposing their childhood in the South with their latter-day adventures in New York City.  How did this story first come to you?  What was its impetus?
I worked on this story for several years; first as a play – then a novel. I wanted to address ‘the closet’ from a different angle. There were several high profile people in the news being “outed” and my goal was to create a back-story on the choices people make to get them to different places in their lives; and ultimately – what brings them peace where they can find that place that ‘all is well’.

I’m sure, as with most writers, there are certain elements of yourself in your characters and their stories.  What aspects of yourself do you share with your characters, and where do you diverge?  
Readers always ask me which brother I am in the book and really – I’m a mixture of both. I think I have the drive and passion of Jacob, but I also enjoy being the caregiver that is Noah. I left home at 18 from Texas and moved to New York to be an actor and my path changed many times through corporate America, an Artistic Director of a theatre company, and now I run an arts center on a college campus. So like the two brothers in this story (that follows them for 15 years), my path went in many directions as well.

You’ve also written Proud Pants, which is on my reading list.  Tell me more about that.  
That story also covers brothers in a different way. It’s the story of my half brother who passed away at 34 from a brain tumor, but had a life of addiction and pain. It was a love letter to my own mother (his step-mom) and the relationship they shared. I was so pleased how that book speaks to readers dealing with addiction, being an outsider, and of course – family. (more…)