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Racism in Modern Day America

Marcus and Mason - Idyllwild, CA - 2005

A few years back, we had a cabin in the beautiful mountain village of Idyllwild, CA. We cherished our weekends there, and talked often of moving up permanently. Our unique family of two white gay dads and two African American boys never seemed to garner even a raised eyebrow. We had many friends and felt incredibly connected to “the hill” and its inhabitants.

Then, one day while driving through town up to our cabin, we passed the village’s ultra-tacky Christmas store, only to see a Confederate flag hanging outside.

That flag hung in my thoughts all weekend.  Why would a Christmas store fly a Confederate flag?  What did it mean for us?  For the community?  What underlying hatred did it speak to?

I decided that, instead of letting the question fester, I would get an answer.  I took the kids into the store and asked to speak with the manager.  (more…)