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Are YOU an American?… and Other Updates

Marcus and Mason – Idyllwild, CA – 2005

Hey folks, I sure hope all here in the U.S. enjoy the wonderful holiday tomorrow.  To mark the occasion, both Bilerico Project and Huffington Post are running a piece of mine I wrote last year, “I am a Mother-F–ckin’ American”.  I’m proud to note that since its original publication, which included mentioned of President Obama, I’ve been able to remove him from the list of “non-Americans,” due to his recent stance on marriage equality, efforts in increasing healthcare availability, and so much more.  Great job, Mr. President–can’t wait to see what else you’ll do to make this country even better.

I’m also thankful for my pal, Jeff Ballam, who was inspired by a piece I wrote last week, “Am I a Slut or a Prude?“, which prompted him to examine his own life.  He’s done so in a new blog post.  He’s got a new book coming out soon, and I wish him the very best.

The kids are in full summer mode, and very soon we’ll be heading out for a much-needed family vacation to Boston and Provincetown, which makes it even odder still that I’m now in the middle of writing holiday-themed short stories, for a new collection I hope to have completed for the winter!

I continue to receive many wonderful notes and reviews from readers of Songs, and for that I am truly grateful.  It was a labor of love, and I’m glad it has resonated with so many!

Enjoy your 4th,


I am a Mother-F@$&n’ American. Let the Fireworks Begin!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

“Rise Up!”, I say to you.  “All true Americans! Rise Up! All who believe in equality, in fairness, in liberty — for each and every living soul — You who are truly AMERICAN, rise up!”

I’m sick and tired of being “less than,” and I refuse to be treated that way any longer.

I’m sick of political parties wrapping the mantle of patriotism around themselves, insisting that only they are the true patriots.  They have perpetuated the falsehood that to be anything less than ultra-conservative means to be anti-USA.  That to question and criticize policies is to be a traitor.  That to be an American means including “God” in the mix, even though the intent was for a clear separation of church and state.  They have insinuated that to be a true patriot, to be American, one must accept the entire conservative mantra, including the belief that life begins at the very instant of conception, that women are inherently inferior to men, that gays should simply live a celibate, quiet life, that transgendered people should be able to be fired on a whim, that our environment is not worth saving, and that all evil Muslims should be immediately deported. And, hey, while we’re at it — why not deport all non-whites?

They’re only immigrants, right?  Not real Americans. (more…)