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In Memorium: Shane Michael Sawick

Without a doubt, the most pivotal moment of my life was meeting and the time I spent loving Shane Michael Sawick.  Quite simply, without having been lover, partner, and caregiver to him, I wouldn’t be the human, writer, partner, and father that I am today.  I am forever grateful to all that he opened me up to, both in terms of new lessons learned, and to the more fully authentic emotional connection I have with myself and with others.

Today, Memorial Day, as we celebrate those we have loved and lost, I hold up Shane.

To help honor and keep his memory alive, today I launched a special Tribute section to him on this site.  It includes a biography, photo gallery, Shane in his own words, as well as essays I wrote around the time of his illness and death which were inspired by him (Different?, Who Am I Now?, and A Year of Goodbyes).  Most importantly, there is also a page designated for you — whether you knew Shane or not — where you can share your memories, stories, or thoughts.

I envision this to be a living memorial, which we can all add to, to more fully complete a picture of Shane, for all who visit here.

As fully as I knew him, I was only with him for two years.  Many of you knew him far longer.  I’m looking for your stories, your memories, your photos…

Let’s add to this, celebrate, and share with others, the extraordinary life of Shane Michael Sawick.  Taken from us all, far too soon…

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  1. James

    This is just so simply beautiful! Thank you!

    June 10, 2013 at 7:27 am

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  4. Sandy Chantry

    Such a sad thing to attempt a “reconnect” with an old friend, only to discover that he has passed away.
    Shane and I were very close for several years when he was 16, 17, 18, years old. (I was a few years older.) We met when I auditioned for a summer production of My Fair Lady and became fast friends. We shared a love of theatre, of course, but also Bette Midler (he taught me to swing dance in his parent’s living room to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!) and NYC, where we would frequently waste a LOT of our time (we shared a love of shopping, too!) We would hang out in Woodstock sometimes and shop and go dancing and drive around and around and around! I stayed with him when he was at school a few times, catching up and sharing secrets. I was hopelessly in love with him, of course, but I moved on and boyfriends came along and I eventually got married and sadly lost track of him completely.
    I just wanted to send my condolences to someone who obviously cared about him and acknowledge that he touched many people in his life – even as a VERY young person! So sorry that I couldn’t have reached out to him sooner – it would have been great to talk to him again and find out what his life became. I will always remember him.

    June 12, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    • Sandy,
      Thanks so much for writing. I’m sorry to had to learn of his passing via Google, but appreciate your fond remembrance. He was an amazing man, and those of us who knew him are all the better for it.

      Best wishes,

      June 12, 2012 at 8:39 pm

      • Words of mine could not express how I relate to both you and your beloved partner.

        My 1st year July 24 2012 at 1am my partner Davids of just shy of 29 years died with me on one side our son on the other holding his hands.
        Son in one ear saying Daddy you are going with the Angels and Jesus.
        Whereas I was in his other ear saying I love u lucky man going front row featuring Michael Jackson Whitney Houston you better save me a seat.

        But one moment shared with you and your readers. Would like to connect if you are able and talk.

        God Bless you and your Family,
        I will not soon forget your story

        Thom Collins

        June 10, 2013 at 10:02 am

        • Thom,
          Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing your story. My heart aches for you. The first year was so difficult, with all of those “firsts” without Shane–I have a sense of what you’re experiencing. Grief would hit me so unexpectedly, at the oddest moments. I can’t imagine having that experience AND having kids to support. I hope your son is managing okay, and that you are as well. I appreciate your note and send you my best wishes!

          June 10, 2013 at 3:22 pm

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