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Boopsie Givenchy’s 10 Palpable Proposals for Improving Pride

1 – Free spray tan and chest implants to all coming from outside West Hollywood.

2 – Replace the Country Western dance tent with bull-dyke oil wrestling.

3 – More frothy fruit drinks, served in coconut and pineapple shells.

4 – Replace cheesy stuffed-animal carnival prizes with antiques.

5 – Open the dog park to all wearing dog collars.

6 – Make those entertaining on stage first AUDITION, so you know that they’re actually entertaining.

7 – Better flavored condoms.

8 – Switch Out Metal Detectors for Bad Drag Detectors.

9 – Instead of everyone standing about, clogging the thoroughfare, conduct a massive game of “Red Light, Green Light.”

And, lastly, three simple words:

10 – Liza, Liza, Liza!


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  1. Leah Sheckler

    Luuuuuv IIIIt!

    June 14, 2011 at 9:13 am

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