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Happy Holidays!

2019 has been both a blessing and a burden. So many wonderful experiences and unexpected hardships… Still, every bump in the road sends us flying forward. Tonight, I’m thinking about the single woman I know (so built to be a great mother) fearful that her adoption not going through; the police officer I’ve never met whose eye may never recover from an accident; and the family of five in the grocery store parking lot this afternoon, begging for a handout… (Hope my donation helps!)
Life can be heartbreaking and challenging. It can be uplifting and fulfilling in ways we never imagined. But it’s usually our actions and reactions which shape how we move forward in the world. To you and yours, my heartfelt good wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year. Opportunity and good fortune might be just around the corner, if you open your heart to it and wish the same for others… Happy holidays, one and all!

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