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Great Review of “Gifts Not Yet Given” by Alfred Lives Here

Last year, Brahm Kornbluth named Songs for the New Depression among his top ten reads of the year on his fun website, Alfred Lives Here. I’m happy to report he has a review up on his blog about my new book, and he enjoyed Gifts Not Yet Given as well.  Here is an excerpt from his review:

“Last year I chose Songs For The New Depression by Kergan Edwards-Stout as one of my fave reads of the year (read here); now he is back with a holiday-themed collection of stories called Gifts Not Yet Given.

Much as I was moved by Songs, I was cautious this time around — second outings tend to disappoint, this holiday theme seemed gimmicky, and in general I am not a huge fan of short stories… I am one of the few Canadians who think both Alice Munro and hockey are overrated.

Then I read Gifts Not Yet Given, and my worries went away; the stories are involving and thought-provoking, and the holiday theme serves as a faint background rather than some clunky imposed structure. The stories are about family, religion, loneliness,  social awkwardness, fitting in and especially not fitting in, and sadness and death. As with Songs, this is a serious writer who shows he can still be fun to read.

Check this one out —  the stories are original and intriguing, and the characters are strong and flawed, loving and broken.”

Head over to his blog for the full review!

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