How I Saved Christmas

THE WISE ONE:  We need you to save Christmas.

Jeffrey looks at the solemn faces.

JEFFREY:  You folks have had way too much eggnog.

KNOTTY:  We’re serious, Jeffrey.

JEFFREY:  Christmas doesn’t need to be saved!  See all the lights?  The tinsel?  It ain’t for Halloween.

With a mother who thinks she’s Doris Day, a father bandaged from head to toe, and a little brother who lives in a box, six year-old Jeffrey McDonald’s life is anything but normal. An outcast, blessed with an over-active imagination and dry wit, Jeffrey spends his time creating puppets and dreaming of the “perfect family.”

A mysterious nighttime visit from Chip, his ideal brother personified, convinces Jeffrey that his true family actually lives elsewhere. Desperate, Jeffrey runs away in search of this “real” family, only to find himself plunged into the fantastical world of Father Christmas.

This magical land teems with elves, fairies, and other extraordinary creatures, but is being destroyed by the evil Tronk King, who has stolen the Spirit of Christmas and plans to use its fantastic powers for himself. Father Christmas enlists Jeffrey’s aid, promising to grant Jeffrey’s wish for a normal family—if Jeffrey helps him save Christmas.


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