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A Review by Author Carey Parrish: “Songs for the New Depression”

I’m really overjoyed that Songs for the New Depression seems to be striking such a chord in readers–particularly when they happen to be authors themselves!

A Masterpiece of Modern Literature by Carey Parrish

It isn’t often I read a book that touches my soul, but that is exactly what happened with Songs for the New Depression. Author Kergan Edwards-Stout has crafted a story that is beautiful, tragic, and consuming. Once you start this one, you won’t be able to stop. And keep some tissues handy.

Meet Gabriel Travers. A man approaching 40, Gabe is ill with HIV and he thinks he’s dying; no, he knows he’s dying. Nobody believes him but he knows it. His life hasn’t been everything he wanted it to be, but whose has, eh? The world he lived in back in the 80’s is something he recalls fondly but which in the present day is a mere memory and a passel of regrets. He never found true love. He never became what he thought he wanted to be.

He lets his thoughts drift back to his high school days and the first love of his life, Keith. Keith was perhaps the only person who knew the potential Gabe possessed and it was with Keith, and only Keith, that Gabe shared the savagery of an attack that has left him scarred ever since.

Gabe’s story is one of personal redemption. In what he believes to be the finality of his life, he at last sets out on the journey of self discovery that will hopefully rid him of his regrets and put to rest the bitterness of a past that he’s never been able to shed.

Readers can delight in Gabe’s journey because it is one that we all at some point in our lives, for whatever varying reasons, have to take. Maybe Gabe isn’t the classic literary hero, he is a very flawed character in many respects, but no one is perfect, and anyone who reads this tale will relate to Gabe in a very personal manner. His love of Bette Midler, his reliance on the help of his mom’s wife, a priest who loves country music, and his own remembrances of what he sees as a life half lived will open the door to the reality of what he actually is, was, and will become.

Kergan Edwards-Stout has written a masterpiece. A bravura debut novel, its heartfelt message is ultimately timeless.

Mr. Edwards-Stout, well done, sir.

For more about Carey Parrish, author of Marengo and Big Business, please check out his website.

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